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What to Expect on Your First Visit 

Intake & Examination

Image of a physician with a clipboard sitting at a white desk consulting with a patient

The first step is calling or booking an appointment so we can send you an intake to fill out online. This allows the doctor to review your health history before you even step inside the office. This makes the appointments much more efficient for both you and the chiropractor. 

Once you arrive for your appointment, you'll be seen quickly for your full evaluation. The body is interconnected so the chiropractor will do a full spinal evaluation to make sure you are a good chiropractic candidate.

Treatment Plan

person laying on their side getting a chiropractic adjustment from a chiropractor

Once the examination is done to determine whether you are a good chiropractic candidate, the chiropractor will determine a treatment plan that works best for you and will usually begin treatment the same day. Like many other health goals, you may need more frequent visits in the beginning to help get you back to where you want to be. Just like exercising to stay healthy or brushing your teeth to keep good dental hygeine, your spinal health is very important too!! Our goal is to help get you to a point where you are able to maintain your spinal health without frequent visits and eventually reach a point where you will only require maintenance care.

Why We're Different

therapist putting their arm on patients shoulder assisting a patient with treatment

Journey Spinal Care is not just chiropractic care. Here we believe in the body functioning as a whole and also focus on muscle and soft tissue. We offer a lot of targeted soft tissue treatments and we focus on the areas we determine are causing you pain or dysfunction. Soft Tissue Mobilization will also help hold your adjustments longer and get you feeling so much better.  Soft Tissue Treatments include: therapeutic massage, cupping, kinesiotape, assisted stretching, and Gua Sha.

All our soft tissue treatments are available as Add On Treatments at a discounted rate for our members! 

Passive Therapies 

physician placing e-stim pads on a patient

Our office includes an optional passive therapy with each visit.

1.  Whole Body Vibration is a technique where you sit, stand, hold positions, or perform exercises while on a vibrating platform. The machine vibrates at a programmed frequency, amplitude, or magnitude of oscillation which can be adjusted. WBV can increase neuromuscular performance, improve muscle strength, help with balance and gait, improve flexibility, stimulate lymphatic system, burns fat,  increase bone density, boosts immune system, and decrease cortisol levels. Since WBV helps neuromuscular function, this supports postural muscles and spinal correction which can help hold chiropractic adjustments longer!

2.  A mechanical intersegmental traction table, also known as an intersegmental or roller table, is a device used in chiropractic clinics to provide passive spinal traction. The table consists of a padded surface with motorized rollers that move back and forth along the patient's spine. This rolling motion gently stretches and mobilizes the vertebrae, promoting spinal joint movement, relieving muscle tension, and enhancing flexibility. It is commonly used alongside chiropractic adjustments to improve spinal alignment and overall spinal health.

*Some patients may be contraindicated for these treatments. No substitutions for passive therapies are available at this time.*

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